Author: Cindy Gangaram

Racialized Members’ Roundtable

RACIALIZED MEMBERS’ ROUNDTABLE HWETL is committed to creating a strong, inclusive, and unified membership where diverse members are represented and respected. To this end, the Local would like to gather feedback and hear experiences from members who self-identify as racialized for the purpose of increasing support and engagement for these historically marginalized people. This roundtable …

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Why Poverty Workshop March 11, 2020

WHY POVERTY? MARCH 11th, 2020 Click HERE to register. This workshop will explore attitudes towards and perceptions of poverty in a broader context. It will examine the impact of poverty in the classroom and school community, look at the many ways issues related to poverty can inform and impact teaching practice and explore the concept …

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365 Days of Black Canadian Curriculum Workshop- January 16, 2019

This practical and timely workshop provides resources and supports for educators to deliver Primary, Junior and Intermediate Curriculum, which outlines the contributions, struggles and lived experiences of Black Canadians. The 365 ETFO Black Canadian Curriculum resource supports the inclusion of Black Canadians into classroom and teaching practice every day of the year. The workshop balances …

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