LGBTQ Awareness in the Primary Classroom


This workshop raises awareness that even our youngest students may confront issues of homophobia and heterosexism in relation to their families and peers as well as to their own gender identities. The workshop is designed to assist educators to explore these issues and find the courage and understanding to include all children and families in our schools and the global community. Click HERE to register.

LGBTQ Awareness in Primary Classrooms

Racialized Members’ Roundtable


HWETL is committed to creating a strong, inclusive, and unified membership where diverse members are represented and respected. To this end, the Local would like to gather feedback and hear experiences from members who self-identify as racialized for the purpose of increasing support and engagement for these historically marginalized people. This roundtable will include discussions and activities in a safe space. Local release provided.

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Racialized Members’ Roundtable

Why Poverty March 2020


This workshop will explore attitudes towards and perceptions of poverty in a broader context. It will examine the impact of poverty in the classroom and school community, look at the many ways issues related to poverty can inform and impact teaching practice and explore the concept of becoming active in addressing poverty in the community. The workshop will include individual and group-shared discussions about issues of poverty, case studies related to the impact of poverty in classrooms and school communities, and provide resources to support teaching practice as well as school and community understanding. Click HERE to register.

Why Poverty 2020

Race & Education: The Water We Swim In APRIL 2020

Coming APRIL 2020

The film Race and Education: The Water We Swim In provides participants with a glimpse of the lived experiences of racialized educators in Ontario. This film is used as a tool to allow for scaffolding of knowledge, provides real life examples of racism and discrimination through discussions, activities and self-reflection. Participants will come away with a stronger understanding of the many faces of racism, the effect it has on individuals and ways to be an ally by challenging racism and discrimination.

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Race & Education_ The Water We Swim In

365 Days of Black Canadian Curriculum Workshop- January 16, 2019

This practical and timely workshop provides resources and supports for educators to deliver Primary, Junior and Intermediate Curriculum, which outlines the contributions, struggles and lived experiences of Black Canadians. The 365 ETFO Black Canadian Curriculum resource supports the inclusion of Black Canadians into classroom and teaching practice every day of the year. The workshop balances history and research with ongoing reflection,application and collaboration to help educators make intentional, purposeful and positive decisions in the classroom, while inspiring students to succeed.

HWETL details: This workshop will run from 4:30 to 6:00 pm; Light dinner will be available by 4:00 pm. Please let us know if you have allergies or dietary restrictions. To register, click HERE, or call the HWETL office at (905) 318-2771 or email Cindy Gangaram directly. For more information, contact Cindy Gangaram at

365 Workshop Flyer

See the Events Page for more information. Register HERE or by calling HWETL 905-318-2771.

This event is hosted by the HWETL Equity. Environment, and Peace/Political Action Committee.